Boost Ticketing

Project description

The ticketing or purchase flow for cinema sites tends to be an area that often appears a bit of an after thought. This product was created off the back of a wealth of research and analysis done from complete site builds, and turned into a stand alone ticketing product that could be used and integrated with any payment and POS systems. Currently it’s used across Europe and the US for over 50 clients.

A 4 step system was used, with the option to have a sign in/register step included, that takes in seat selection, ticket selection, voucher entry and multiple payment systems. Gift card and Loyalty point payments were also a consideration.

Each cinema’s requirements for this product cover every possible permutation, so each step was designed to work regardless of what features were needed.

A more visual summary starts each page, followed by a clear instruction/title before being presented with each section’s interaction areas. Key information (such as totals and CTAs) are always present.

Every client that has switched to this ticketing product has seen a huge uptake in online ticket sales.

Project details

  • Client: The Boxoffice Company
  • Category: Product
  • Data Created: November, 2019

Client Skins

The base product is designed using a colour theme system that can be easily updated in design, outputted as a swatch file, which is then imported and repurposed in React to create new skins specific for each client. It was important to address the production process of this product as well as the design of the thing itself in order to reduce potential issues and time to launch.

The following screens are just a tiny sample of how the Ticketing product looks with different client skins.

Desktop version

Full stack designs were done, so while the primary focus is mobile, desktop (and tablet) are still a crucial part of the build.

In most cases, the UI remains much the same on desktop, though the order of information and the way the summary is displayed is a little different. These screens are here just to give a taste of how Boost Ticketing works on desktop.