Project description

A complete re design of this Texas based cinema chain.

With 9 theatres across San Antonio, TX, a key aspect of the brief for this project was that their customers tend to go to different cinemas on a regular basis. This meant the usual focus to clearly display content and showtimes for a particular location wasn’t needed. Instead, Santikos were keen to explore a ‘content first’ approach. This meant they wanted to be able to display a much wider range of content for given movies across the whole site, as well as being able to see showtimes for any movie, at any time. (Rather than content relating to a selected location).

The site was designed using a variety of flexible component content sections that allowed Santikos much greater flexibility with content for not just the movies, but also the theatres, promotions, and any other content needs they had.

I designed this to allow customers access to see information, trailers or buy tickets anywhere where a movie is displayed across the site.

The brand uses Helvetica Neue with it’s two primary blue and yellow colours alongside a limited palette that also allowed for gradients.

Project details

  • Client: Santikos Entertainment
  • Category: UX, UI
  • Data Created: February, 2020

Mobile Home Page

The content first approach means there are never showtimes present on this home page. Instead, the client can add as many of the various content components as required, using a video shot, a poster, or combination of the two. The layouts automatically alternate between left and right versions down the page. All movies have the 3, showtimes, info and trailer CTAs present.

The 3rd and 4th screens in this row show some cross promo content areas for movies and editorial style content. Again, all to create more ways the client can add a wider variety of engaging content to key landing pages.

Movie Listing

2 column listing with the same 3 tabbed filtering options available. Again, every movie has 3 CTAs – showtimes, info & trailer.

Movie Details

This template needed to work with minimal content (just a poster and synopsis) as well as allowing for additional promotional, informative copy, imagery and videos.

Key movie info and CTAs are presented first, alongside the poster. The rest of the page allows the client to add a number of different content components to build up a page with as much content as they need for each movie.

Showtimes overlay (with filters)

The showtimes overlay slides in whenever a user selects the Showtimes button, present wherever there is a movie poster.

By default it would show a list of showtimes for any location showing that movie. The right screen, shows the 3 tabbed filtering system where location, date and movie features can be used to refine showtimes. Location and date options are always locally remembered so a user’s choices will persist.

Exactly the same UI is used across all devices, with the only real difference being the amount of horizontal space and length of a row of content.

Desktop Home

Desktop Movie Details

Desktop Movie Listing

Desktop Showtimes Overlay