Golden Charter

Project description

I designed a completely new site for the funeral plan company, Golden Charter.

The site’s primary task was to promote, inform and sell their selection of funeral plans which made this project much more of a UX exercise. Ultimately an e-commerce site, where not only can the product’s features be customised, but the  way in which a customer purchases and pays can be too. This required some quite complex user journey research and analysis as well as a complete re structuring of the information and content on the site in order to help to create as simple as possible purchase journeys.

This was all backed up with detailed information about each product and service as well as a multitude of legal requirement content to account for. Journeys split between Information Gathering, Comparison and Purchase Customisation. The site was designed around the idea of always allowing people access to the next step in that loop.

In the end, at it’s simplest this was broken down into the front facing promotional content leading into product or comparison tools, which lead directly into a customisable purchase flow before a bespoke checkout process. The site was designed using colour coded products and information broken down and presented in as clearly as possible to help encourage this.

Project details

  • Client: Golden Charter
  • Category: UX, UI
  • Data Created: May, 2015

The Home Page

The carousel at the top of the carousel contained the 3 Golden Rules – the key tenants of Golden Charter and a reinforcement of their experience and quality. Below these are 3 simple call to actions to help users on to the 3 most commonly requested things.

Each colour coded plan and it’s basic elements are presented, each with more information available on hover/touch that all double as a simple way to purchase or find out more.

The rest of the page was about further advancing customer confidence with testimonials and simple contact CTAs. With a lot of information to get through, the home page was more about presenting some basic concepts to act as the foundation of the rest a customers journey through the site.

Funeral Plan Product Page

Each of the 4 coloured coded plans uses this template to explain the features of the plan, reviews and ways to purchase.

The focus for the top section is to present what information is available on the page and make it all easily accessible, while presenting a CTA area where the user can purchase their plan, at any time.

The colour coded CTA also becomes a sticky navigation bar that doubles as a summary of their purchase.

Plan Comparison

The comparison plan uses the colour coding to distinguish between all of the various options and features of the 4 plans on offer.

From here, the user can directly purchase a plan or simply go to find out that little bit more related information to give them further confidence to purchase.

Purchase Customisation

After the initial choice of monthly or annual payments, customers can customise the details and terms of those payments from 3 further options. Once happy and comfortable, the user can Add to Cart and start the checkout process.

Checkout Process

The checkout process requires the user to make a few more decisions and refine the details before submitting payment.

Moving some of these choices and interactions to this part of the purchase flow by including them in the checkout flow helped to simplify the sense of choice and decision making required of the user throughout the journey on the site. Ultimately,  to help people complete more purchases, more frequently.