Catwalk 88

Project description

I worked as Digital Creative Director on this project, to create and launch a new low cost, cutting edge fashion brand initially for the Chinese market. This started as a branding project, the primary message of which was Style Never Stops, which led into a pre-launch campaign, website and concepts, into the creation and design of the main e-commerce responsive site and supporting materials.

Project details

  • Client: Catwalk 88
  • Category: Branding, IA, UI

The logo on the right was the main marque I designed as the Chinese language version of the main logo, with it’s application on shoe boxes above and all other internal tags and labels below.

Some samples of the brand and fashion photography shoot used as a part of the primary marketing for Catwalk 88.

Below that, our brand film.

Pre Launch Campaign & site

Part of the pre and launch website and campaign. The idea was to get people actively involved by creating and sharing their versions of styles and looks inspired by key opinion leaders taken from popular culture in China. The KOLs would blog, talk and share styles, encouraging the public to get involved by making their own looks on and offline, the best of which would be used in a tour across key locations in cities and malls. Large shipping containers were designed and fully kitted out to be used as a part of the roadshow which would transform into pop up stores as well as forming the back drop to live catwalk shows.

Essentially based on gamifying sharing, social interaction and competition through fashion, to tray and appeal and talk to the young and fashion conscious.

Mobile Site

A mobile specific version of the store designed to work alongside the main eCom site. This required a bit of a rethink with some areas of the site. While retaining all of the core site/store functionality, I added a much greater emphasis on the style building and sharing features for the mobile version. These tools were also given a rethink in terms of the interface design. The idea was to really push the social aspects of the brand and store on mobile.

A new set of build and style guidelines were created for this version of the site, with a slightly different approach to the navigation also taken. The mobile version of the Catwalk88 site was intended to have the same features as on desktop but with a much more focused experience based on a completely different set of user journeys and requirements identified and defined at the start of the project.

Desktop site

The main eComm site – once launched – was intended to work alongside the roadshow and blog sites, acting as another place where shoppers could create, share and promote their own unique sense of style and fashion alongside those created by fashion bloggers and the site itself.

These were to form various top 10s as well as daily updated looks, all of which could be bought, shared or liked. The site was essentially, part social media platform, part eCom site, but all tied in to the key tenants of the brand.

Home page

Product category

The product page template needed to show a wide range of image photography and videos, as well as cross promotional areas. Wishlist and Share buttons were almost as important at the Add To Bag buttons.

The checkout process and design was partly based on the slightly different UX take on this flow taken with the larger Chinese eCom sites. There were some slightly different things and user expectations to take into account with this checkout, though the key principles of knowing what you are going to purchase, and what you need to do next to purchase them remain.