ESPRIT ANZ Mobile Site

Esprit ANZ mobile

A couple of years after putting the desktop site together, I was asked to design and repurpose that site into a mobile specific version of this ANZ specific eCommerce site.

All of the functionality of the desktop was required to work on mobile. The content and stock was to be managed from the same content management system as on the desktop site, but using mobile specific assets. The design was to be sympathetic to the existing ANZ desktop design and the EU mobile site, though there was opportunity to implement some interface and UX improvements over the EU site.

This meant I could look at how product filtering and in particular the product page works.

The way things are added to basket, the main navigation system and the customer account section in particular needed to be completely re addressed for the mobile version.

This project was a lovely opportunity to work again on something I had put together two years previously. It started with a lot of user experience research and suggestions for a client very open to doing things in a better way. That said, they were also very conscious on the requirements of how this site fits in with the other region’s sites, so a delicate hand was required.

As with all my work, wherever I could, I made suggestions and improvements and helped talked the client through the various whys and what for to help them better understand the suggestions I was making. All in all, most of them were taken on board, which I think resulted in a great working and looking mobile site.