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Elvis Jesus

Two different concept designs for a new site for this fashion brand specialising in hand made printed t-shirts.

The idea of the first concept was to let their fairly small product range do the talking, with large imagery allowing the intricate detailing across their product range the space to show off.

The also needed to create the correct impression and sense of who and what the brand is about.

I wanted the second concept to take a more typographical feel that focused on some of the same ideas, but in a different way. The idea is that the eye is in the detail. There would be more interactive elements that don’t necessarily behave in a way that you might expect – breaking typographic and layout rules set out for the site. This would of course only be done in areas that would not impact upon the actual shopping experience.

There are also more social and blog elements littered around the pages to encourage more interaction with the brand and it’s stories.

The product and category pages are merged in this second concept, with the the product detail sliding to be revealed within the category listing page. This way product specific merchandising can be combined with a more streamlined browsing experience and adds a more playful, interactive feel.

  • Date: 06/19/2013
  • Categories: Branding / eCommerce / Identity / UX
  • Client: Elvis Jesus