Catwalk88 Online

Catwalk88 Online

Part of the first phase of launching the brand was to push the idea behind the brands key message – Style Never Stops.

These screens were part of the pre and launch campaign. The idea was to get people actively involved by creating and sharing their versions of styles and looks inspired by key opinion leaders taken from popular culture in China. They would blog, talk and share these styles, encouraging the public to get involved by making their own looks in life and online. This would then expand to a tour across key locations in cities and malls across China using these publicly created styles. Large shipping containers were designed and fully kitted out to be used as a part of the roadshow which would transform into pop up stores as well as forming the back drop to live catwalk shows.

Essentially based on the idea of sharing, social interaction and competition – all ideas at the heart of the young and fashion concious in China.

The main eComm site once launched was to work alongside the roadshow and blog sites, acting as another place where shoppers could create, share and promote their own unique sense of style and fashion alongside those created by fashion bloggers and the
site itself.

These were to form various top 10s as well as daily updated looks, all of which could be bought, shared or liked. The site was essentially, part social media platform, part eCom site, but all tied in to the key tenants of the brand.

  • Date: 02/01/2013
  • Categories: Mobile / UI / UX